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MrGee's Suggestions from a long time player

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  • MrGee's Suggestions from a long time player

    First and foremost, thank you for creating, maintaining and updating a truly amazing game! Your continued efforts to make the game fun and challenging are not going unnoticed!

    What follows is a list areas which I believe need improvement, and a potential solution. The numbers do not indicate importance, but rather, simply denote a new thought or idea:

    1. There is a prevailing negative perception of support staff, and concerns over Fincon's dedication to the game.
    A. Introduce a support ticketing system which detects and groups tickets by language, and subsequently sends an automated response email to the customer. This will make users more comfortable as they receive confirmation their ticket was received, and Game Managers (GMs) will be able to more quickly resolve issues in their language group(s).
    B. Introduce more spontaneous GM participation in-game. Have GMs chat with users. Have them hold events: 'Beat GM in Arena win a prize' / 'Answer 3 questions about the game win a prize' being some ideas. This will allow GMs to gain 1st hand experience with the user community, as well as strengthen the relationship between the user base and Fincon.
    2. PvP is underutilized.
    A. Create a PvP ranking system for single players and guild-wide. Leverage player's natural competitiveness to gain utilization.
    B. Create unique PvP items with new and better stats which can only be used in PvP. Leverage player's want to become stronger to gain utilization.
    C. Create PvP mode where all hero's must be a certain grade. 'Only 2* hero's can participate'. Ensure's players of all level's can participate on common ground.
    3. Guild functions are good, but could be great.

    A. Update UI so co-lead's can easily view the guild's current level requirement.
    B. I know this one is out there, but if you could add a column to the guild's member list which shows the previous 7days worth of GP each player has earned, it would save me quite some time each week I know a lot of guild's out there calculate weekly GP.
    C. Rewards for guild wide top 1, 2 and 3 in arena and BR would give incentive for more competition/participation.
    D. Enable a way for guild leads to reward outstanding contributions within the guild.
    *More to follow - need to handle life things at the moment*
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    Server: Linberk
    IGN: MrGee

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    4) promote a healthy guild activities

    -- is it possible if we can have an event that attracts people to join / create guild with an outstanding count of active members?
    -- a fun filled event that engages members to participate in some challenging guild war? perhaps a fight between lots of guild for a certain map? maybe a rare "LEGENDARY/GOLDEN BOSS" that appears in any random map (normal/onyx/nightmare) with huge rewards? additional 1 carat (or more) per run? i'm imagining all players/guild will try to engage in guild war.
    -- how about some type of adventure/dungeon that can only be entered if you are only in a guild? perhaps a daily quest reward can be added so that a player will be enticed to join a guild?


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      removing my previous post in the GENERAL DISCUSSION and placing it here for consolidation;

      5) how about bring new events together with the new updates?
      Scenario 1: New Missions/Maps are now OPEN! Additionaly new hereos in that map have appeared!
      Event 1: If you are able to complete the whole map until the next maintenance/update, we will give you rewards!
      Event 2: If you are able to get the new heroes, of any grade, on the new map, until the next maintenance/update, we will give you rewards!
      Event 3: Recruit the new heroes via shop by using royal, until the next maintenance/update, and get rewards!

      Scenario 2: A new hero with a new skill has appeared! Recruit him!
      Event 1: Recruit the this new powerful hero via shop by using royal, until the next maintenance/update, and get rewards!
      Event 2: Upgrade this hero to 6s/7s, until the next maintenance/update, and get rewards!

      Scenario 3: Levels 200 - 250 have opened! More powerful enemies have appeared~~
      Event 1: If you finish the dungeon until the next maintenance/update, you will get rewards!

      [bring back this event]
      Scenario 4: Invite more friends /promote this game and receive rewards

      6) Bring back your existing exciting outside-game events! What better way to make fellow loyal players here to talk and participate is to have more outside-game events like:
      Event 1: FB event - New hero has appeared!! present an artwork and win prizes in-game!
      Event 2: FB event - Like this post and win prizes in-game!
      Event 3: Forum event - a guessing game event - participate in the game and win rewards!
      Event 4: Forum event - an innovative cooking recipe event with picture [hello hero style] - participate in the game and win rewards!
      Event 5: Forum event - a summer getaway suggestion event with picture [hello hero style]
      Event 6: Forum event - create a fan-fic love story [pg-13]
      Event 5: FB event - A cosplay of your friends with picture
      Event 7: Youtube event - a guide for missions/ dungeons event

      ** do you think bringing outside - events might minimize rants/complaints, and instead, make people participate more actively in a fun filled way? i think its like diverting your energy into another useful way, right?

      7) Why not try making the the loading screen/page informative or exciting!
      --how about let's make the previous winner's drawing be seen in the loading page once in while? this will promote future willingness of players to participate more if they see their effort, right?
      --why not instead of the usual boring picture of the three heroes (WKH, Jessica and Kali), but rather use this to present the new heroes/updates/events in the loading screen? or tips on how to make the heroes stronger (evolve, upgrade)

      8) we would LOVE to see more information/updates on what you do.
      we all know surprises on new updates are good, but please give us more detailed information on what the game developers do as well, and please do let us know 2 days prior the next update. We do appreciate any detailed information of little bits and pieces.
      -- Game Balances: nerfing and/or revamps of existing heroes (samples like striker diego / thutmose has been revamped... etc.)
      -- Increased Challenges (samples like Big Nose attack has increased to new heights! woah!)

      9) I would like to see hello hero add new customization/personalization updates:
      -- new Pets with unique skills
      -- hero customization of looks/costumes with additional stats to heroes wearing it... etc...
      -- customize the background of the profile page
      I can see countless events-rewards in here, imagine that... ^__^
      I can also see that i can buy costumes/profile customization/pets from shops.

      10) Promote diversity / styles / techniques in the gameplay:
      -- addition of more unique (never been seen) active skills and effects... poison, burn...
      -- improve usefulness of other skills: revamp of knock out skill to make it more deadly by decreasing hp by 25% (or more?) whenever removed by support heroes.
      -- I also want to see higher grade heroes get passive skills as well.
      -- friends to aid in missions and dungeons
      -- balance to heroes.
      -- diversity and different styles in arena line up (always seeing the same heroes in the arena)
      -- a choice to have a different battle formation instead of usual 3back row and 2 front row team.